But Some Things Remain The Same

I still work at nights once the boys are asleep. That’s why I thought to call my dolls “Nocturne dolls/Nocturnals” at first because they were usually created from 9pm to 3am or even 4 am before. But then I started to make some of the dolls in the late mornings and afternoons, too, when my body needs some time off from the daily pounding it gets from my two kids (most of the time, it feels like there are six of them). So I don’t call the dolls Nocturnals anymore. Anyway, Nocturnals sounds like some superhero team from the Marvel Universe. I don’t know what to call them now.

I still suck at sales and marketing. I know I should have learned by now (especially with the knowledge sharing on selling a couple of weeks ago. I think it was held partially because of me. My sales weren’t so good at one craft fair and the organizer took pity on me so she asked one of the sellers whose background is on sales to help me sell the dolls. In 30 minutes and almost at closing time, he helped me sold several dolls!)  Shouldn’t my work speak for themselves, I would think. Yeah, no, duh, stupid. Human contact is needed, says the sales expert. Talking to several people tires me out. But sometimes, I’m just being lazy.

I still suck at photography. I tried making my own light box using a plastic translucent box, white paper and reading lights and taking pictures out in the sun (homygadtheheat!) using my Nikon for my Zodiac inspired crocheted dolls to get that crisp, clean, seamless look that I admire in Instagram and Pinterest so much. 😦 Aside from the pictures being a failure, the clean look just isn’t for me. I just normally gravitate towards a dark, busy, messy background.

Which should not come as a surprise. I don’t work on the floor  like I used to. I have a table now. Yey. And it was organized for 5 minutes, when it was brand new. There was a short period when I would organize my table every other day, but I gave up. I still work in a really messy state.  My little boys are messy, too. And no matter how hard I try to make them pack away their toys (I spy some in the picture), they just wouldn’t. I’m a bad example.



That’s just what’s on the table. The things underneath, on the sides, even behind me, would make neat freaks cry.

But it works for me.


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