What inspires me

These past months, I wrote a couple or so write-ups  for blog features. I also got a couple of minutes of air time in HGTV along with fellow crafters during the Maker’s Market in Alabang Town Center last April which I never got to watch but which my aunt in California did but failed to record. These seemingly simple things (the HGTV talk was a little scary though!), those who take interest and believe in my work,  are just a part of what excites and inspires me to carry on.

Anyway, one of the perks of blog features is that I get to ponder on the questions the writers would send me, things I don’t usually think about. Sure, there’s the usual stuff like talking about what I do, my background, how I got into the craft business, what lessons I could share with fellow crafters, etc. But there are other questions that make me think, like, deep, man.

I recently received a note from another writer who wants to feature me in her website. A few of her questions made me think, like, deep, yo… a book, happiness, success, a story that helped me in my enterprise. But since these will be discussed  in the article anyway, I’d like to talk about the last part which I didn’t expound on (I didn’t want the article to be too long).

What inspires me?

I don’t have a story of a specific individual or occasion. But one of the things that really gets me going are the very unique individuals whom I meet at arts and crafts fairs. Sometimes I just join craft fairs to feel the positive energy and upbeat vibes generated by the fellow makers and to talk to them – exchange ideas, ask for advice, find out what they’ve been up to. Let’s get real. Of course a sale is good, too. We all join these fairs to put our work out there and make some money. But that’s not the only reason that drives me now. I don’t need to join craft fairs during off seasons when the sales are bound to be slow. I could just sleep it off and wait until the peak season, the “-ber” months begin. But I still continue to join —

— because of a group of professional, fledgling and self-taught, part-time and full time artists and makers, from who-knows-where doing God-knows-what, of all ages, from teens to, eh, former teens (me!), of all weird kinds  — individuals who couldn’t be any more different from each other, yet coming together in one community and having the courage to pursue their dreams. They create beautiful, magical things out of happiness and love and thought to sell for a living or heck, just for the fun of it. And in doing so, they pass on that happiness and love and thought to those who appreciate their creations.

I have found my tribe!!!

And they unknowingly continue to inspire me and have helped me affirm even further

  • that my belief that all my decisions this past year (oh hey! I just remembered, it was a year ago when I left my day job!) were the right decisions.
  • that it is never too late to learn new things if you really, really want to.
  • that you can reset your life if you really, really want to.
  • that there’s no such thing as an uncreative, untalented person. Creativity just requires time.
  • that happiness is within your control.

If you’re reading this blog, tribespeople, then now you know.


2 thoughts on “What inspires me

    • Alias M. says:

      Oh dear, I seem to have missed a couple of comments. I have not been writing for a long time :s Thank you for your comment. I never did get to watch the HGTV feature but it was fun doing it! LOL! Going full time in my craft has its pros and cons, of course, (no more monthly income!) but the pros far outweigh the cons. I do hope for the best for you and that someday you get to do what you love full time 🙂

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