More Light Bulb Moments

I’ve lost count of the Light Bulb moments related to Harry Potter.  I can’t even remember what Light Bulb moment #9 was in my previous post anymore. I’m not complaining but I feel like I’m losing focus yet again. My craft show display is messy and confusing enough to begin with but all these new projects make my table look even more chaotic. I can’t even ask my kids to pack away their mess without feeling like a hypocrite. The plan this year was to concentrate on making dolls that are more artsy and goth and steampunk and with armatures, but, light bulbs.

Oh well, chaos is an inevitable part of my brand.  I try to organize, make “business plans”, make lists, but I keep getting distracted by new ideas that I simply must execute. I do try to organize my work area. Then I get frustrated because I can’t find the things I need anymore. It’s odd that I can find almost anything I need despite my clutter while my more organized husband keeps losing his car keys and forgetting his glasses.

I’m not even sure if it’s a good thing that I keep changing my products. But just the thought of making the same things over and over and over makes me a little sad. So yeah, chaos.  Just embrace it, I guess.

I have my own labels for my containers and “concoctions” now. I can’t help it. I went a little extra again!


You think I would just print a label and slap it on a random container and claim it as an HP-inspired product?

Of course not.  I hand-stamped and distressed the labels to pull off the mood I was aiming for — dark-whimsical and creepy… and a little hazardous-looking. I could probably do that in Powerpoint (I don’t know how to use Photoshop until now) but where’s the fun in that? And again, I did some research on the mixtures and even the wording on vintage apothecary bottles to achieve a little bit of authenticity.



I’m putting finishing touches for that magical look here while re-watching all the seasons of Closer. 

Harry Potter Inspired Potions


Do they look like they belong in a store in Diagon Alley?

IMG_2870If only I have space to keep them all.

You think I’d stop there, but no. I thought I would stop there, but no.

I made “potions” in vials complete with an entry in my art journal. The previous page, the uglier version (not seen. Top secret! Also because ugly), contains my, ehrm, real methods and secret recipes. I used the same contents but I had to make a list of paints I used for each potion because if I didn’t, I’d go random and inconsistent again.

This page in the picture is full of stuff I copied from Wikia for prettification purposes. I don’t think calligraphy is for me (tried it for about five minutes and gave up) but I found a way to take advantage of my uneven penmanship and pass it off as whimsical style. I am really getting the hang of this art journaling thingie. It’s making me discover things about me. And I love that I get to follow some sort of a theme so I don’t go all random rogue again.


The vials are to be used as bag charms. I’d rather they’d be displays but I also want to make something functional. They might be a bit heavy as key fobs. Here they are, all “freshly brewed” and bubbly, straight from the cauldrons, tee-hee.


They look mysterious and toxic in the pictures, but in person, it’s probably quite obvious what I used (wiiiink).

Here they are, all distressed in a magical, shimmery way. I used mostly Art Alchemy paints by Prima Marketing, acrylics from Reeves, and Liquid Pearls by Ranger.


The stoppers are glued to the vials and so far, the “mixtures” haven’t seeped through the wood. But if someone decides to reverse engineer the seal breaks (hopefully this won’t happen), the “mixtures” won’t leave a stain on fabric. They’re not for consumption, obviously, but my guinea pigs kids and I have physically handled the actual contents several times. They’re safe. My kids are still alive… and haven’t transformed into anything. I’m a little more concerned with the durability of the vials.

Fortunately, it looks like they are holding up pretty well. And just in time for my upcoming craft fair next weekend, too.  I’ve been testing some of my finished products. I attached one to my bag and I asked my kids to play with the others for a bit.  I even stepped on the vial a while ago, when I shoved my bag under a restaurant table and then forgot it was there. That’s how careless I am. Even at home, my bag is just lying about on the floor. With my carelessness and my kids’ fondness for rough playing, we’re the perfect durability testers.

Well, how about that? It lights up, too! LOL of course not. That’s just some lighting trick I did. This one reminds me of the Sankara Stone from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


I wanted to not reference HP too much but it’s unavoidable. I hate to admit it although it’s pretty obvious — like everyone else, I am leveraging on the popularity of the franchise to earn some moolah, of course. (If you’ve read my previous posts, you’d know that I, most of the time, convince myself that I don’t care all that much for moolah. But I have my greedy moments, too.  [justify greedy moments here–>] Moolah means I get to buy more arts and crafts supplies… and sometimes food for the kids… whenever I remember that I have kids. I’m kidding.)

I mean, would you choose to purchase a “Creative Chaos Converting Concoction” over Poly Juice Potion?

Just keeping it real.


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