Your Wizard Wands and You

Hello, beautiful creature and fellow wizard-wannabe! Welcome to my messy blog.  Sorry for bringing you into it.

Thank you for your support for a humble wand maker.  I hope you are enjoying your wand as much as I enjoyed making it.

Similar to most famous wands, yours is made of wood that surrounds a core of graphite magical substance/s. The wand cores may come from the same creature or the wood may come from the same tree, but no two wands are exactly alike.

It took me years of research and several imagined perilous expeditions but I have finally gathered all the enchanted ingredients that make each wand unique and personal because I’m a little extra like that. Check it out. You know what to do.

Wizard Wands by Creative Chaos

Happy swishing and flicking!



P.S. Don’t expose to heat and direct sunlight!